Fire Sprinkler Systems and Maintenance

Fire sprinkler systems protect your property and business from fire damage. Most sprinkler systems are designed to suppress fire from spreading, allowing the fire department time to respond to the fire threat at hand. There are also systems designed to completely suppress a fire when triggered; these types of sprinkler systems are called Early Suppress Fast Release and are used when dealing with particularly hazardous or dangerous materials.

Types of Sprinkler Systems

There are several different types of sprinkler systems that can meet your needs. From wet pipe systems that store water directly in the pipes ready to be expelled at the threat of fire, to dry pipe systems that do not contain water directly in the pipes, many options are available.

Water supplies in fire suppression systems are pressurized so that the proper amount of water is let out when a fire has been detected. Typically, most systems can operate on regular water pressure, but specialized pumps are also available if the water pressure needs to be adjusted in order to employ the sprinkler system effectively.

Contrary to popular belief, each sprinkler head is engaged to employ separately, so that water damage isn’t caused in areas where there is not a fire. Each sprinkler head has its own sensors and the sprinklers are triggered one by one so as to cause as little damage as possible to the entire business.

Sprinkler System Maintenance

It’s important to remember that you must maintain your system well to ensure optimal performance. Testing fire sprinklers California is an important annual activity to ensure that your sprinklers are operating at full capacity and are ready to protect your business in the event of a fire.

Overall, sprinkler systems are a great asset for your business, and can also help with your insurance and liability costs. Many types of sprinkler systems exist to fit your individual needs, and you will not regret being ready for a fire.