How To Handle a DUI Arrest

A night of fun with friends sounds good. You meet up somewhere, spend a few hours talking and relax with a couple of drinks. Heading back home, the choice to drive a car could be problematic. If you’re not driving appropriately, officers could pull you over for suspicion of drunk driving. What do you do? You may or may not be over the limit, and now you could face charges for DUI. If you end up in this situation, do the following four things.

1. Remain Polite

Speak with the officer cordially, remaining respectful. It is this person’s duty to check on you. You, however, do have the right to refrain from answering questions. Do not discuss doing to dinner. Do not divulge information about your drinks.

2. Deny the Sobriety Check

If you’ve imbibed, refuse the field test. These are subjective and could be used against you. Instead, agree to go to the station. There you could wait out the drinks and hope a blood test clears you.

3. Use Your Phone Call

Contact a family member or friend who can assist you in finding professional assistance. This person should have the means to find a lawyer and look for a place that specializes in Lancaster County bail bonds.

4. Ask for Your Legal Counsel

Rely on your attorney to handle the police’s questions and inquiries. You are likely going to be subjected to tests while there. Be sure your counsel knows it is happening. Only speak to officers when your lawyer is present.

Be aware that an evening out at a bar or a few drinks with friends might put you at risk for a DUI. To avoid charges, use a driving service or have a designated driver. If you do get behind the wheel, remember to treat officers kindly and wait for talk until legal aid arrives.