How To Prepare Your Teen for Their Driver’s License

When your son or daughter is ready to get their driver’s license, it can be as terrifying for you as it is for them. Being prepared will give everyone some peace of mind. It will also be a good indicator of whether your son or daughter is reliable enough to handle driving an automobile.

Talk About Having an Accident

Let’s be honest. It is going to happen eventually. You don’t want your new driver to be so embarrassed or scared that they try to hide an accident. Instead, explain that accidents happen and role-play or write down exactly what steps need to be taken. Give them phone numbers to the police, insurance company and maybe even a lawyer. Car accident lawyers in Columbia MD will make sure that nobody is taken advantage of because of their age or level of experience.

Download a Safe Driving App

Apps like DriveMode and TextDrive will automatically silence or respond to messages that arrive while you’re driving. These safe driving apps are excellent for teenagers who get easily distracted by their phones. Other apps can monitor safe driving guidelines, scoring each family member on a scale. You can even set up designated zones around your hometown and be alerted when your son or daughter leaves that area.

Teach Them Basic Car Maintenance

It may seem obvious to teach your teenager basic car maintenance, but some adults don’t even know how to check a car’s oil. Some basic knowledge is helpful if the vehicle ever breaks down, and it will give your new driver a sense of ownership and responsibility. Show them how to open the hood, check the oil, measure tire pressure, change a fuse and light a roadside flare. This basic knowledge will make everyone feel a little better about being on the road.