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legal rightsRising companies need to know their legal rights. This monumental determination is the newest example of a trend in the direction of according rights to nature, and specifically rivers, in various jurisdictions around the world. It’s the recognition that our ecosystems – together with trees, oceans, animals, mountains – have rights just as human beings have rights.

For example, there are lots of components of nature that are not captured by present anthropocentric paradigms resembling natural capital or ecosystem providers (see Salzmann 1997), and identifying environmental impacts outdoors of those conceptions is essential for efficient safety of the setting in legislation (Ruhl and Ruhl 2001).

In doing so, the VEWH acts as a guardian for instream environmental flows, working with other environmental water holders and catchment management authorities to determine where, when, and how one can use the water for the setting in the state of Victoria (‘Donnell 2013).

By examining the shape and performance of the EWMs within the USA and Australia, this ebook shows that changing cultural narratives about what the environment is, and why it does (or doesn’t) deserve safety, can lead to giant shifts in water law and governance.